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bengals-ravens-nflJust 14 points separates the Baltimore Ravens from a perfect record this season. 6 points against the Broncos. 4 points against the Raiders. 4 points against the Bengals. Instead, they sit at 0-3 for the first time in franchise history. 14 points. 0-3. And all of Baltimore is sitting on that ledge tonight…

Looming on the horizon is a Thursday Night match-up sure to get the attention of blood thirsty football fans in Baltimore now that Big Ben has been diagnosed with a knee injury and expected to miss 4 weeks. Baltimore is pissed off and rightfully so, this is their ultimate must-win situation as it could turn the season around, gain a little momentum with Cleveland coming up next and instill a little confidence into the team. No one in Pittsburgh is looking forward to this game…

Flacco is not an elite quarterback, stop trying to convince yourself otherwise, but he puts up numbers that keep him in the conversation again and again. For a 2nd straight week he and Smith Sr put up some impressive numbers (746 yards passing/336 yards receiving combined), but you won’t parade all the way to the superbowl with just 1 receiver. Yes, Crockett Gillmore is a nice surprise with 111 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns under his belt this season, but still, it is not enough. And with fans excited about the debut of rookie wide-out Perriman, his pre-game limp just adds salt to an already gaping wound. Apparently he went deep a few times before the game and came up limping after one of his sprints.

It is not out of the realm of possibilities that the Ravens win the next 3 games with Pittsburgh now without Big Ben, a home match-up against Cleveland and finally a 49ers team that has allowed 90 points in the last 2 games, while only scoring 25 points on offense. It is okay if you want to sit on that ledge tonight Baltimore fans, but let’s give them one more week. If they can’t beat a Ben-less Steeler team, then feel free to free-fall along with your team. We ride together, we die together, Ravens fans for life!!!



Ravens 27 – Pittsburgh 17

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